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Guest | 21 Şubat 2014 saat 15:37

I love your writing style, and you add color to the scene by mankig it a bold and feminine approach. I LOVE how you slipped in biodynamic farming in there, wicked. Keep blogging, you're good! mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmouah .! [url=]bwunfl[/url] [link=]frvnjp[/link]

Guest | 21 Şubat 2014 saat 02:37

Thanks Mo, everytime I see you I learn more from you. You alywas have amazing people around you and I reel in the energy you all bring and share. Thanks for reading and giving me good energy. XOSuzanne, that means a lot. Sometimes after I write and share I wonder if I am too brazen and too cocky and then my partner tells me it is just the right amount of saucy and you say something like that. It reminds me that writing without censors, from the heart, is very important to me. I love your posts too. I have learned much from you. [url=]xpulvjlkn[/url] [link=]cjfapzsyfn[/link]

Guest | 20 Şubat 2014 saat 07:00

above. Double taxation, helath care, customs, education and so much more were discussed many times and our concerns were send to the first & second chamber, the ministries and were brought up with countless delegations, non of them were hardly listening. We are used as guinea pigs by the tax and customs department to see how and if it works no one cares if it doesn't work out for the businesses, no one looks at the people and the impact on their lifes, just at the laws and how to implement it. The tax and customs money collection (not the service) worked from the first day. Even before that, they came and collected so-called back taxes for five years from small buisness owners and the people, without worrying on the impact. Nothing else what the Dutch were responsible for worked in the beginning and they always told us they need more time. So why only the people had to comply and had to be ready immidiatly? No answer on that one from Holland. We really count on the delegation from the Dutch second chamber and that Sabans speak up. Since no one else is really listening in Holland, maybe they do. Happy 10-10-11 anniversary De Haag, but its nothing to be proud of.

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