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    İçerik akorların, tabların, bas tablarının ve sözlerin ayırt edilebilmesi için seçimlerinize göre renkli listelenmektedir.


Guest | 29 Haziran 2015 saat 05:50

Guest | 27 Ocak 2015 saat 11:52

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Guest | 23 Ocak 2015 saat 16:13

Cool! That's a clever way of looinkg at it!

Guest | 22 Ocak 2015 saat 23:57

Definitely awesome vlliasuy, awesome ideas, but has anyone noticed a lot of these really awesome animations are lacking in the stories? It seems like so many of them try way too hard to be deep and meaningful and and up just not making sense, or feeling like acid trips.It's too bad because it takes a huge amount of effort to create this kind of thing, and an actual plot could really make this shine.

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