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Guest | 09 Temmuz 2015 saat 14:22

Guest | 13 Şubat 2015 saat 02:31

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Guest | 22 Ocak 2015 saat 22:24

well serviceman...الله يقويكthose who elceetd him time and time again since the early eighties know what he stands for and still keep electing him so you tell me if now it makes a difference to them.Simply put they are as ignorant as he isbesides he is supported from above and I don't mean God

Guest | 22 Ocak 2015 saat 11:01

I would and I'm getting to it. "nas o nas" is not how I opaerte. I also don't need ultimatums.You need to enjoy the weekend :)we all do... just so you don't think I'm ditching you I'm gonna go have lunch now with the family and I'll make the update later tonight.?Is that cool by you:)

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