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... LACoincidental said... "Though I think they're aiming at the wrong folks (gays, irnigmamts, Muslim, Obama's birth record)" There is nothing in the Tea Party agenda addressing these issues. The focus is on government growth and spending and its affect on personal liberties. The statists who run things now use crude propaganda techniques to paint the Tea Party as stupid and racist, and you lap it all up. You are hell on strawmen, LAC, I'll give you that. 2:15 PM Let's see .......its Tea Party candidates pushing the most asinine anti-immigrant policies, its the Tea Party folks giving the Birthers room to breathe.And the 'focus is on government growth and spending and its affect on personal liberties' is on one of the most basic needs in a modern Western Republic, healthcare regulation. They're rallying against not just the Wall Street Bailouts (which can go either way) but are fighting against any government regulations that could prevent another global meltdown.The biggest government expenditure, the War, is barely mentioned by the Tea Party - because frankly, they don't care about that type of spending. These ignorant race-baiting white folks don't give a damn about government spending so long as it used to attack scary brown people. Use government to actually help people, clean up the environment or anything else -- its the damn Federal governments on their backs.There's no need for the 'statists'** to paint the bulk of the Tea Party as ignorant race baiters -- they do a damn good job that themselves. Between spitting on Civil Rights leaders, calling the President from a terrorist to a chimpanzee, its clear to most level-headed folks that if not run by bigots, the Tea Party is a little too cozy with them.**(Good God, really, 'Statists'?! Sheesh, just call me a 'Trotskyite' while you're at.)

Guest | 22 Ocak 2015 saat 12:52

August 29, 2011A ljudi pogotovo sad kad znamo da je ovo scedeli single, zar nije mogla da nastupa sa ovom pesmom na VMA? Naprave nesto kao Everytime na Circus turneji ili DLMBTLTK na FF turnejim ona sedi na necemu pa je dizu, ispod Adrien i ona peva uzivo u nekoj haljini Taman da pokaze glas msm da bi se svi odusevili Iskreno, mora ovu pesmu barem negde izvesti live, VMA je mogao biti odskocna daska i za single a i ljudi bi videli da nema samo dance pesme na albumu pa bi rekli HMMM, AE DA KUPIMO OVAJ ALBUM. IMA I SPORIJIH PESAMA.

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