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    İçerik akorların, tabların, bas tablarının ve sözlerin ayırt edilebilmesi için seçimlerinize göre renkli listelenmektedir.


Guest | 08 Nisan 2014 saat 04:14

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Guest | 16 Mart 2014 saat 08:25

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Guest | 22 Şubat 2014 saat 09:42

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Guest | 19 Şubat 2014 saat 12:58

OMG! You took me back with your BMG reference-I tolalty forgot about that. I also have strong associations with music, as you know, and every point in my life can be marked to a particular song or CD I was listening to. I also associate certain music with different people-for example, I knew exactly who you were talking about with your Billy Joel and Fast Car references. And props to you and your wife for bringing your kids up right-none of that Barney and Wiggles business :)

Guest | 19 Şubat 2014 saat 02:07

This is a neat sumyarm. Thanks for sharing!

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