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so I have known my bf for 11 years. I was obsessed with him when I met him. He was evheitryng I ever wanted for six years. Then I got tired and bored of being in a relationship because I wanted to party and meet friends and meet other guys to see what is out there to prove to myself I found a gem since I was soo young. Then I dated an asshole and ran back to my long time gem so I brought him back into my life. then I ended up meeting a Persian guy that I started dating out of the blue, ofcourse he turned out to be a douchbag, I started dating Persian guys because I wanted to marry a Persian guy since I am Persian ( my long time bf is not Persian). one Persian after another, they all suckkkedddd. My original first love is the best guy after 11 years and he did date other woman as well while I was single, but chooses me to spend the rest of his life with and has done things for me that no guy will ever bf qualtities-still attractive-super smart and ambitious-faithful and loyal, never lies-treats me like a goddess-always consistent-never fights with me and always agrees with me %100My problem: His career goals. Medical school did not work out ( partially my fault for distracting him). He does not have a set career goal yet and is still trying to find out what he wants to do. He started his own business that is doing ok like 50k as he is working 70 hours a week. This has affected him spending time with me since we don't live together, we see each other once a week for a few hours. He doesn't really have hobbies or cares to go out with friends etc and it creates an impact for our sex life.But . He is ambitious and book smart (not so street smart/ super go getter). I told him to start looking for a good job that pays higher than entry level (since he has three year owning a small business exp). He is listening to me and trying to do his business and apply at the same time. But I don't know how long it will take for him to get a break. I am afraid of not knowing if I can ever rely on him financially. He Makes about an average of 50k for 70 hours of work a week. Him finding a secure job with opportunities will make him my ideal man. I am 29, super hot and working around the same level as him but less hours. please help because I want to be with him but I am not sure if this is a deal breaker. I am also afraid of dating losers and never finding a guy nearly as good as him which will leave me with regrets since I might end up alone etc. I have a privileged life ( not too ritzy or anything) but I want to maintain a consistent lifestyle which will require a man making close to 100k down the road. He does want to provide this for me more than anything but he may not have had the guidance to get there. please share with me words of wisdom because I am willing to accept the fact that it could be me having too high expectations. I could wait for someone with more a career goal or successful but I may end up being alone, please help!! thank you

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