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Guest | 07 Nisan 2014 saat 20:37

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Guest | 20 Şubat 2014 saat 21:51

I heard that a new robot has just been released (RCTPA dirven Forex Megadroid). There are quite many robots on the market. What is a Forex robot anyway? Which one is working? I have heard many good things about Forex auto pilot turbo. I would like to know which one is the most reliable. Thank you.

Guest | 20 Şubat 2014 saat 15:06

I am planning to add funds to my oinlne FOREX account and I am wondering what would be the appropriate amount of money to start off with in the account to where I can generate enough revenue to earn an income off my profits. I know you need at least $1000 just to play in the market but that amount is not enough to make money on. What would I need to have in my account to where I can start compounding the little profits that I make here and there?

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