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Guest | 18 Şubat 2014 saat 05:20

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Guest | 18 Şubat 2014 saat 01:26

ad nauseum about how kind and acpitceng of a person you where, but it's not ad nauseum, people with hearts such as yours should never be forgotten for such a quality. everyone reading please forgive me if i'm too cavalier / or in poor taste here with this story but i think it's a unique testament (at least in my book) of derrik's default setting of being as kind as possible to everyone he met and giving everyone a chance no questions asked. shannon and i had been going through a challenging portion of our friendship around the time megan was getting married. long story short, being the jug-head that i am, i surmised it would be a good idea to crash in on megan's wedding to try to clear some things up with shannon (i know, i know i'm a dummy whatever) in person. needless to say, i was a little uneasy there given my brash move. derrik sought me out right away, brought me a coors light (my fav) and went well out of his way, despite being a part of the wedding, to kick-it with me telling me all about his new yeti mountain bike and listening to me try sound like i knew anything about mountain biking (pretty sure he new i was blabbering a bunch of bs but was cool with it ha). You see, if i had been in derrik's shoes in that situation, i'd have been like who the [explicative] is the freakishly tall guy crashing my sister's wedding?! and promptly ran him off/shot a roman candle at him/idk, something to make me look like the big-bad alpha male of the day. not derrik, the machismo/tough guy act was about a far away from his demeanor as you can get, he had no need for it. he was tough when counted: overcoming the obstacles that kept him from pursuing his passions, and standing up for the people he loved, cared about and had compassion for. aside from that, derrik's montra (from at least what i experienced) was show kindness and acceptance to those around him first and ask questions later. no matter what or where you where, as long as derrik was in the room, you had at least one friend. right on brah.derrik, you where a special young man and i'm proud i got call you a friend. luv u man, and happy trails amigo.your hombre,-david [url=]xseqdaqh[/url] [link=]kruporvvqj[/link]

Guest | 17 Şubat 2014 saat 23:47

My finerd, my finerd Derrik, 2 parts to this message. 1) i was reading the great gatsby this winter and came across a quote in the book where nick carraway is describing jay gatsby. it reads: he had one of those rare smiles with a quality of eternal reassurance in it, that you may come across four or five times in life. it faced, or seemed to face, the whole external world for an instant and then concentrated on you with an irresistible prejudice in your favor. it understood you just as far as you wanted to be understood, believed in you as you would like to believe in yourself. wow. i must have reread this passage seven or eight times that first day i read it. to me, this description captures a part of your personality that you don't see in many people. you were such an open-minded and prejudiced (in the right way) guy. this must be why you had the ability to initiate and maintain a conversation with literally anyone. you gave everyone a chance and saw people how they wanted you to see them; this talent of yours made you extremely personable. 2) I've been thinking of you a lot over here in New Zealand. every time jackson and i are jamming to phish while on the road, traveling to some awesome location that i know you would love, i think back to our great jamming/dancing sessions. There's one in particular that has constantly been finding its way into my head: we were in my room sophomore year and i put on the horse > silent in the morning for you. it turned out to be the first time you had heard the tune. we were becoming fixated on trey's repeated riff at the end of the song that always gets me goin' and you pointed out to me that fish was playing these syncopated triplet notes lightly on the high hat while everyone else was playing in 4/4 times. it was something so insignificant but it intrigued me, as it was the first time i had actually noticed this component of the song and i had heard the jam countless times. now, every time i hear silent in the morning, i can't help but focus on this subtlety. this incident made me realize that the seemingly simple and commonplace things surrounding us have so much more spice than we originally reckon them to have. i guess it's all about observing ordinary things from numerous and abstract perspectives. this was an ability you possessed that made you such a unique and addicting person to hang with. You always took the most basic concepts and turned them upside out, inside down until they became too confusing for me to understand, which was pretty damn entertaining. you truly had an understanding of hunter's line, once in a while you get shown the light in the strangest of places if you look at it right and it seems that that is what always motivated you to conduct yourself in such an eccentric manner. you've seen that light before and i'm sure there's nothing that will keep you from continuing your eternal search for more of that celestial radiance.

Guest | 17 Şubat 2014 saat 20:15

Spasibo Irinushka! I, kak vsegda, svenorvmeeno!:)Vo vsjakom slu4ae dlja menja:)Poka pro4tjennoe ukladivaetsja, raspakovivaetsja i projavljaetsja tam, gde dolzno...v golove zvu4it odna i taze melodija...

Guest | 17 Şubat 2014 saat 08:38

August 29, 2011Ma coll video ona cerka poznatog kaljra 18 vek radnja dvorac .ona princeza i neki momak da glumi robina huda mozda onaj adrien sto je bio cop u I wanna go .savrseni su zajedno:) onda je majka zatvara u kulu jer je saznala za plan da hoce sa njim da pobegne,on pokusava da je spasi ali bezuspesno ali ona prevari nekako cuvara prebije ga D uzme kljuc i pobegne u sumu ) i TRAZI GA ALI NAILAZI NA NJEGOVO SKLONISTE U SUMI SVO UNISTENO I PORUKA OD KRALJA ) XXXEEX da je uhapsen )) )) ona ocajna se vrace u dvorac i placuci moli oca da ga postedi obecavsi da ga vise nikada videti nece bolje tuzan kraj negosrecan da naprave second part pesmu i nastavak ) spota kao za Break the ice )

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